7 week Program

BEGINNING: February 15th




With Larisa Belote, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach


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*This 7 Week Program will change your life forever!*


Transform Your Life in Seven Weeks!

Week 1: Get off the “blood sugar roller coaster” once and for all! Up ahead in your journey: more stable moods, less irritability!

Week 2: Become more fat adapted! Less brain fog! More clear focus! Get things done!

Week 3: Less time eating and digesting = more time healing. This means up ahead for you: More energy and stamina, better performance working out!

Week 4: Fat, like big logs on a bonfire, burns low and slow. This week you are challenging your mitochondria and tapping deep into the subcutaneous fat stores.

Week 5: Even more fat adaptation, stronger and more efficient fat burner! Become a “professional fat burner”! Ready to fully rest next week.

Week 6: Deep healing going on in the body, rest, rejuvenation, breathing, sleeping, warm baths.

Week 7: Re-inoculating the gut with beneficial bacteria. Rebooted and robust immune system! Ready to take on the world!


See what people are saying about The 7 Week Program:

“I feel great! I am week 3 into the program and already lost 7 lbs.  My friends are telling me that I look much younger and glowing and asking if I got a face lift or something.  But really, I have so much energy and feel like I can do so much where before I had to take a nap during the day because I had no energy at all! I work, help my kids and run after my grand kids non stop!”  Elana


” Loved the accountability and results!  I lost 18 pounds and feel great! Larisa makes the program very educational and easy to follow.  The workbook has a lot of information as well and helps to keep us in check.  Every week I experienced a deeper healing. When completed the 5 day water fast, pain that I had for the longest time on my side went away.  During the fast I did not feel hungry and was full of energy.  The program really prepared me to do the five day water fast!”  Yelena


“I learned so much!  Now I can go without eating for about 12 hours where before I had to eat every couple of hours just keep my energy up and not falling asleep.  My goal was to lose 6 pounds on this program.  Instead, I lost 8 pounds, fit better in my clothes and feel and look great!”  Donna


“It was a bit challenging learning to eat based on ketogenic diet which I have never done.  Larisa was there to support me every step of the way!  I loved the recipes in the book and the weekly meetings really kept me honest.  I am feeling great and lost 9 pounds.  I loved the program and would do it again!”  Jill


“I lost 5 lbs the first week!  I could not lose any weight for so many years no matter what I did.  I am so exited and looking forward to the rest of the program!”  Lisa



The program includes:

  • Weekly Meetings:  Live online meetings will take place on Zoom at 8 pm.  Can’t make it? All meetings are recorded and can be accessed at a time that is convenient for you.
  • Guidebook:  Detailed workbook of weekly goals, recipes, grocery list, area for taking notes and more!
  • Community Support:  Private FaceBook Group where you can share your questions, your successes, your resources as well as gain tips and resources from others.
  • Support and AccessibilityEvery client gets a counselor’s cell phone number to ask questions, share successes or get support at any time



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   for $297                                           

You will have group support                              All features of joining on your own plus:

Guidebook                                                        Having a buddy to share food ideas and cooking

Weekly Accountability Calls                             Easier option for those living together because

                                     you will be working toward the same goal



Free Guidebook with step by step weekly instructions and many delicious recipes will be sent out upon registration.

Questions?  Call  732-996-6963


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Look at what recent participants are saying about the 7 Week Program.  Click on the links below to view videos:

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