It is rare that you find a person who makes you grow, helps you understand yourself and guides you to make nutritional and daily life changes that you thought were impossible to make…. but thats exactly what I have experienced when I met Larisa.
I have been studying and reading about nutrition and its power to heal since I was a teenager. I thought I knew it all, but it was not until my early 30’s, when I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, amenorrhea, hormone imbalance, had sleepless nights and uncontrollable sugar highs that I realized that I needed professional help. A close relative recommended that I contact Larisa, following her success working with her. After the initial consultation, Larisa carefully reviewed the recent blood work that was done through my physician, took the time to understand my daily nutrition and living habits, and worked with me on correcting every aspect of my daily routine. In addition, she created a comprehensive nutritional plan to address my medical condition. Over the course of a couple of months, we worked on monitoring the changes and Larisa mentored me through the recovery process. I was impressed with her patience, professionalism, knowledge, acceptance and true care. Now, five months later, I feel a million times better and it is all thanks to Larisa. I was able to make changes that I haven’t been able to make for a decade and look forward to continuing to work with Larisa. More than ever I believe that “we are what we eat” and often, we need professional help to implement this and personalize to fit our daily lives. I wouldn’t recommend anyone more for this than Larisa!


I cant thank you enough for taking the time to listen to me and find out my underlying problem.  No doctor ever mentioned to me that my rash could be caused by a food allergy.  I was put on prednisone and underwent a battery of tests for cancer.  You were the only one that told me it could be celiac and you were correct!  You have changed my life and I truly cant thank you enough.  Im so glad I met you!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Just wanted to send you a little note to say Thank you! I just finished my 6 week program with you, and I am so thankful for all you have taught me. I have been searching for awhile for something that could help me learn to eat better. I have been on all the diets! I lost weight with all of them but none of them taught me what do i do next. So with that the weight always came back. When Nicole from Xtreme told me about you, something told me this was it.
You have taught me not only how to lose weight but how to make better choices with food, how to read labels, how to enjoy what i am eating and not just eat it because the diet says to eat it. I have also learned food is not so bad, its not your enemy! I have learned that i can go to a party or out to dinner and enjoy myself without worrying about failing a diet. I now know what makes me feel good and what makes me feel sluggish! I actually enjoy what i eat, which was never me! I’m learning about new foods and recipes and i really love it all! The best part is, if i eat something that may not be the healthiest i know the next day it will be ok because i will be back to my normal routine.
I am no longer bloated, i have energy that i never thought i had and overall i feel great! I am excited to continue on this new journey i am on! With the help of your program and Xtreme Power Fitness I know i can reach all my goals!


I have been struggling with my weight gain for the past 15 years. On and off diet programs that worked for the first few weeks but then they fizzle out. I almost gave up, when a friend told be about Larisa and her ability to guide me through the process to achieve my goals. She created a program that was tailored to me and my lifestyle and not a cookie cutter program. She educated me on nutrition and how my body type would best be served. I have been on her program for 7 months so far and each month I have lost a healthy amount of weight. Not rapid but consistent and without extreme deprivation. I would recommend her to anyone that knows that a lifestyle change is required but needs the proper motivation and guidance. She know what shes talking about!!!

-Eric Guzi