The Voyage to my new and loving career…

My voyageabout me to my new and loving career began about 15 years ago when my mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and was given 3 months to live.  After seeking medical advice from very prominent hospital, my mom was advised to go the conventional route and do chemotherapy and surgery. Due to various detrimental side effects, quality of life issues and very minimal survival rate after treatments and surgery, my mom decided it was not for her.  At that time I started searching other ways to combat this deadly illness.  I immersed myself in research, read many books and spoke to many doctors with different backgrounds and level of expertise.  From every book, every conversation and every internet site that I read on cancer, I gained more and more knowledge and understanding that all cancer does is take advantage of a weakened immune system which in turn takes over the body, mind, soul and eventually a precious life.  I found out that if the immune system can regain its strength and learn to fight back again, slowly the body will start healing and soon the soul and mind will follow.  I learned many ways to strengthen the immune system, to build a force that is able to attack the cancer and heal the body.  After extensive research about this deadly disease, many alternative as well as new innovative treatments were found and implemented.  With the help of an alternative medicine practitioner, major diet and lifestyle change, and a new innovative treatment, my mom is still here with us today.

Now about me….I came to the United States with my parents, brothers and other immediate family members as a teenager from Russia.  I went through some Elementary, all of High School and College here in the US.  During my school years, I was always interested in health sciences.  Even in the first two years of College I took subjects that pertained to medicine knowing that I wanted to pursue a field in Physical Therapy.  I don’t know quite what happened, but I switched my major and got a B.S. in Accounting with a minor in Art.  Almost forgot…..I did enjoy learning about art, still love to draw and paint whenever I can find the time (which is very rare). Over the years, I worked in a corporate environment which was very demanding and stressful.  I got married and had 3 children while working in the corporate world.  It was very challenging to have a full time job and take care of my family at the same time.  Fortunately, I had organizational skills, positive attitude and support in my life that helped me find a balance between work and family.

Through the years I had my own struggles with health issues.  I struggled with gastritis as a teenager, anemia and fatigue as an adult.  I was able to overcome gastritis (inflammation of the stomach lining) with simple modifications to my diet for a couple of months with my mom’s help.  Anemia and fatigue were bigger issues.  Anemia is when your blood lacks healthy red blood cells which are the main transporters of oxygen to all organs.  The most common symptom of anemia is fatigue.  It occurs because organs are not getting what they need in order to function properly.  I went to doctors, got shots, took iron orally and was constantly distressed with various tests to figure out why I was anemic. I sought advice and treatment of many physicians who were traditionally trained when I had no energy throughout the day and would fall asleep at the wheel mid-afternoon.  At that time the blood tests showed a severe case of anemia and more drastic approach had to be taken.  Heavy doses of iron supplements were suggested and taken, but resulted in unpleasant and painful side effects.  While I patiently followed the treatments, it was not until after I had a major reaction to an iron IV infusion and lost the mobility in my knees for a couple of days that I realized that I had to find alternatives.   I sought advice of an alternative medical professional, who taught me that given a chance, the body has the power to heal itself.  I learned that by reducing and eventually eliminating animal protein and dairy from my diet, I felt better overall and had more energy.  We worked together on adding nutrient dense foods and later, superfoods to my diet which gave me even greater energy levels and relieved my fatigue.  Now, I no longer have anemia, have energy throughout the day and most importantly feel great!

About 10 years ago, I left the corporate world and decided that I wanted to be an entrepreneur.   I had a very successful business for many years, but it still did not fulfill my soul.  I remembered that through my mom’s sickness, even though it was hard emotionally, it gave me gratification when she was doing better and working step by step toward her recovery.  I loved giving her emotional as well as spiritual support during this challenging period in her life.  Together, we worked hard to find a balance that worked for her.  Today she is able to spend more joyous quality time with her family, grandchildren and friends.  I also found that helping my friends and family with different health issues and finding effective and enjoyable ways to reach their health goals made me feel content.  I assisted many of them with weight loss, digestive disorders, allergies, sugar cravings, stress levels, fatigue and many other health issues.  It gave me such pleasure when the problems of many were mended by making very simple, yet significant changes in their lifestyles and even more so when they felt renewed.

When I enrolled in IIN, I felt a relief and believed it was the best decision I ever made.  I realized that now I will be able to help not only my friends and family, but many other people who are seeking optimal health.  I believe that together, we will be able to set a balance and find a way, step by step, to make you as healthy and rejuvenated as you want to become.

Sir Francis Bacon said: “Knowledge is power”.  I believe that I have the knowledge to take you on your journey to a healthy life.  If you are ready to take a leap to a new you, contact me to set up a Complimentary Breakthrough Session.