Surviving Pancreatic Cancer

About the Book:

Surviving Pancreatic Cancer is a story about a 54 year old woman who was given a death sentence of 3 months to live based on the diagnosis. Against all odds, she conquers the disease by going through the most innovative treatment, dietary supplementation and proper nutrition.
Empower yourself with knowledge about effective alternative/holistic cancer treatments that are available and make an educated decision rather than surrender to the traditional treatments of chemotherapy, radiation and even surgery that offer little hope. Innovative and alternative treatments may prolong your life, not only to exist, but to live a good quality of life with your loved ones.
Get inspired!  Be proactive! Have a voice! Don’t give up hope!

With Love,

Larisa Belote

Listen to an interview with guest Larisa Belote and host Eric Michaels from eHealth Radio and the Cancer Prevention & Nutrition channels discussing the following:

  • Tell me about your book “Surviving Pancreatic Cancer”.
  • Why did you write this book? Did something or someone influence or inspire you here?
  • Do you incorporate any of the therapies or treatments in your practice as a Holistic Nutritionist today that you describe in your book?
  • What type of message do you want the listeners to walk away with today?

Duration: 14 minutes