Why you can’t lose weight……….

Many people try different diets and detoxes and still can’t lose weight and keep it off.  This is due to cellular inflammation which is caused by toxins. Or in plain English due to hormone problems that lead to weight resistance.

What exactly does this mean?  Let’s start from the beginning.  The body is made up of many cells. Every cell has millions or more receptors.  When taking a vitamin, for example, it has to attach itself to a receptor on the cell.  Then it has to enter the cell and communicate in order for it to do what it has to do.  When a vitamin can’t enter the cell, that is when problems happen.  When we talk about hormone problems, we are talking about certain hormones such as Thyroid (T3), Insulin and Leptin that facilitate weight resistance due to inability of entering the cell.

Thyroid Hormone – is responsible for many functions and is there to facilitate energy and make you feel good.  When Thyroid hormone connects with the cell, brings its message to the cell, you get good energy and it is an efficient fat burner and you feel good.  When this does not happen, you don’t feel so good and have no energy.  Today the solution is to give more thyroid hormone, but when the thyroid hormone can’t connect its message into the cell, that’s a real problem.

Insulin – Type 2 Diabetes is not a problem of needing more insulin, there is plenty of it.  The problem is that the cell can’t hear the insulin, and therefore people are not getting enough glucose in the cell and then their energy drops, they don’t feel well and a lot of bad things happen.

Leptin – this hormone tells your brain to burn your stored fat for energy.  When these hormones get in contact with the cell receptors, they bring a message into the cell.  When they bring a message to your DNA and then your nucleus, the DNA starts making hormones and other chemicals that we need to feel well.  Imagine if the hormone is blocked from getting its message into the cell, then you would not be able to lose weight despite what you eat or despite how much exercise you do.

Here is a real problem – CELLULAR INFLAMMATION

We hear that the inflammation is the cause of diabetes, the cause of thyroid issues, the cause of cancer and many more sicknesses.  Inflammation is the root cause of the problem.  When this happens, it is called systemic inflammation.  This systemic inflammation blocks the receptors from hearing the message from thyroid, insulin and leptin hormones.  By giving these hormones, it will definitely help in the beginning and will get the message across but eventually the cell becomes less and less receptive and loses the ability to hear the message.  This is not a long-term answer.  In order to make the cell to listen again, we have to reduce the inflammation.  Inflammation can be reduced by changing your diet in order to control glucose and correct insulin resistance and get rid of toxins that accumulate in and around the cell which prevent the hormones from communicating with the cell.

When the cell membrane is fixed, inflammation is reduced, only then you can get the toxins out and get the good stuff in.  The hormones can now start communicating with the cell again.

I am a strong believer that your body is a smart machine and can heal itself given a chance and the right set of tools.

Contact me to set up an appointment today to discover how to reduce inflammation, get rid of toxins from your body so that you can fix the cell to get well and start losing weight and feeling great!