5 Day Water or Partial Fast

Live Longer Healthy

Join us for a 5 Day Water or Partial Fast

November 18th – 22nd 2019


Here are the basics…

Monday-Friday, November 18th to the 22nd.

1 – Water fast: Ease in, and ease out. Water only for 3-5 days.

2 – Partial Fast: Less than 20 grams portion & 50 grams carbs a day, 60% of calories come from good fat. Combine these macros with Intermittent Fasting. With your own food or with PROLON.  Will talk more about it on FB posts and FB Live.

You are welcome to do your own version of fasting as well!


Choose fasts from here if you are a beginner:

-Intermittent Fasting (13-15 hrs no food)

-Dinner to Dinner Fasting (22-24 hrs no food)


-Fast Mimicking (less than 100 calories to be eaten from 1-7 pm)

Choose fasts from here if you are a pro:

OPTION ONE: 2 days FM, 3 days WATER

What this option looks like is Monday would be a FM day.  Tue – Thurs water fast day.  Friday FM day.

OPTION TWO: 3 1/2 days FM, 36 hr WATER

If you choose this option, you would do Monday & Tuesday as Fast Mimicking. Wednesday morning through Thursday lunch WATER fast.  Thursday lunch through Friday dinner Fast Mimicking.

Those of you who want to try water fasting, this is the week to do it!

Go to the FAST & RESET Facebook page to get all the details or send an email to larisa@stepbystep-wellness.com with subject line “I want to do 5 day water fast” to receive emails with information.


There will be Facebook posts daily the week of the fast with daily motivation and tips.  You can join the FAST & RESET Group on Facebook and ask any questions that you may have.

FAST & RESET Facebook group: FACEBOOK LIVE  Monday, Wednesday, Friday next week
Daily motivation and tips on Facebook page as well during the fast.

Click on this link to join Fast & Reset FB Group

This Friday 11/8 at 1:30 EST I am going LIVE from FAST & RESET Facebook Group  to go over everything in more detail. Hope to see you then.