The 7 Week MAKEOVER Group Program


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The 7 Week Makeover Program utilizes fasting, ketosis and Diet Variation to maximize stem cells for health and longevity.  In seven weeks, you will learn a dietary strategy that is right for your body, the key to burn stored fat and not just glucose and discover why toxins may be the reason you struggle to lose weight.  You will get rid of bad cells and reset your DNA, activate stem cells, optimize hormones, heal the brain and the gut.  Not only that, but you will start feeling better with renewed energy and lose unwanted weight.

The 7 Week Program includes one hour coaching session weekly and consists of the following:

1st Week – Receive a list of foods to eat in order to get fat adapted.  Determine net carbs and amount of fat you as individual will need for your body type.  Learn about 7 benefits of fasting.

2nd Week – Tips and tricks on consuming high fat meals to help with changes in appetite.  Learn why eating less often and not the quantity of food you are consuming is the key to health, healing and living longer.

3rd Week –   Learn about Daily Intermittent Fasting.  Learn the science behind Intermittent Fasting and its benefits on hormone optimization in order to be healthier and to lose weight faster.  Determine your fasting and eating windows using your levels of glucose and ketones.

4th Week –  Learn about Diet Variation and the rules and reasons why it works.  Discover why this is the key to fat adaptation and maximizing your weight loss results.  Determine carbohydrate/protein ratio that will work for you as an individual.

5th Week –  Continue learning about Diet Variation.  Learn about different types of fasts and approaches to fasting and which one is right for you.  Learn about feast/famine cycling.

6th Week –  Learn all about The 5 Day Water Fast, Partial Fast or Fast Mimicking Diet.  Learn what to expect on different days of the fast.  The importance of electrolytes and other products during a fast to make sure you are feeling your best.  Discover why toxins are the reason you may not be feeling well.

7th Week –  Learn how to Break the Fast the correct way and what food to eat.  What’s next and how to keep going in order to keep losing weight and keep feeling great.

Let this year be the last year you find a way to finally lose weight the right way and keep it off so that you can feel and look great for the rest of your life!



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